Volcan Baru 2.png

Climbing Volcan Baru is the quintessential Panamanian adventure challenge. It is by far the highest point in Panama and one of the only spots in the world where you can view both oceans at once. The traditional route up this mountain involves hiking up/down from Boquete on a dirt road the entire time. However, not with KY Weekend Warriors, we choose to take the route less traveled and hike up and over the volcano from Cerro Punta into Boquete. This involves one day of hiking from Boquete to Cerro Punta along the Sendero de los Quetzales trail and spending the night at the Quetzales Eco-Lodge. The next morning we embark on the thru-hike before the sunrise to enjoy beautiful views from the summit.

Due to the distance from Kalu Yala this adventure will take place on the first weekend on inspiration week. After the hike you will be in the ideal location to continue your inspiration week; whether that involves Bocas Del Toro, Costa Rica, or further exploration of Boquete. Transportation to Boquete will be included, but no return transport (go explore Panama after the hike!).

Dinner and a night spent at the Quetzales Eco-Lodge:


This is a challenging and strenuous hike, but an accomplishable goal to anyone willing to train and prepare for it. 


Price: $170