The Tres Brazos region represents a largely un-explored backpacker's paradise. This area is home to virgin rainforest, unseen waterfalls, high mountain ridges, incredible wildlife. Whether you want to spend a relaxing night under the stars at Jaguar Falls, or attempt the 4 day journey to San Blas, this region will not disappoint! 


Jaguar Falls Overnight

Spend the night at at the destination of our most popular hike! This is the ideal spot for a casual night of camping amongst the jungle. We currently have 2 earthen platforms constructed for tent camping and an area for hammock camping. We are also working on building a stone hut! Stay tuned for updates!

Chagres National Park Hut Trip

The Chagres represents true jungle exploration. This is an area with no roads, no development, nothing but virgin rainforest. This backpacking trip takes us to an old camp ranger hut for the night. This is rugged jungle travel at its finest!

Chagres National Park Homestay 

This Hike takes us to the source of the Pacora river and up over a mountain pass to reach the Chagres Park. The hike follows dirt roads, but is still very intensive. At the end we reach a small Finca (Ranch) alongside the river, where we spend the night hammock camping with local family. Meals, and culture provided by our friends at the Finca. 

San Blas Expedition


We are currently working on discovering an old trail that connects our BaseCamp to the Caribbean paradise of the San Blas islands. This will be a 4-day trek through serious jungle, with a serious reward at the end. We hope to have this route ready before May. Add your name to the list if you want to stay updated on when this trip is available!

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