San Blas Islands Full Immersion Trip

Join us for a 3-day adventure to the San Blas Islands!  Meet the Indigenous Kuna and embark on a weekend adventure in Panama's Caribbean Island Paradise!  

San Blas Trip Details and Itinerary

Early Saturday morning, we depart from San Miguel in 4x4 vehicles to head east to the Kuna lands for a full-immersion island adventure.   Ride in a panga-style Kuna water taxi to Isla Naranja Chica, one of the 365 coconut-tree-covered islands that makes up the autonomous indigenous archipelago of San Blas!

Sunday morning, see the beautiful islands on a group boat tour, led by our Kuna friends, and enjoy cuisine prepared by locals.

Be prepared to enjoy the white sand beaches, snorkel in crystal clear water, eat local flavors, interact with our friendly hosts, and learn about the history of the Kuna people.

We will return to Kalu Yala on Monday morning before the Kalu Yala Institute schedule begins.

All transport (by vehicle and by boat), meals, and lodging fees are included.  Bring your own hammock, or a tent can be provided on request.

Dates: February 16-18, 2019

Price: $269

NEW OPTIONAL UPGRADE for Spring 2019: Upgrade to a dorm bed in a bunk cabana for only $20 extra!

Bunk Upgrade Total Price: $289

Did you know...

The name Kalu Yala came from the Kuna language! It means "sacred mountain land" in the language of the Kuna.

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