Get your exercise while hiking through breathtaking scenery in the jungle. This 3-night or 4-night action-packed adventure will certainly raise your heart rate and expose you to the beauty of nature from many perspectives!

Jungle Hiking and Fitness Packages includes transportation, meals, accommodations, and guided activities to give you the best hiking and fitness experience the jungle has to offer over 3 or more nights!

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Package Includes

Off-road 4x4 Roundtrip Transportation from the local town of San Miguel

All meals provided through our Jungle Meal Plan, which accommodates all dietary restrictions. Snacks will be provided twice per day as well.

Lodging provided through Selina Kalu Yala

  • Dorm bunk or upgrade to a luxurious private tipi

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Activities Included

3-Night Jungle Hiking and Fitness Package includes:

  • The famous waterfall hike to Jaguar Falls

  • Guided ridge hike to either Monkey Mountain or Narnia to see the jungle from above

  • Sunrise Hike (Honeycreeper or Ridge)

  • THREE featured activities

    • Farm Tour

    • Paradise Rock

    • Yoga

4-Night Jungle Hiking and Fitness Package includes all activities listed above AND . . .

  • One additional guided ridge hike, so you can experience Monkey Mountain AND Narnia

  • One additional guided local hike or tour

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3-Night package: starting at $XXXXX per person

4-Night Package: starting at $XXXXX per person

Prices include a XXXXX% discount on ALL GUIDED ACTIVITIES!