Know you want to visit Kalu Yala, but not sure what activities you want? Jungle Escape is the perfect two night base package for an amazing off-the-grid adventure!

Includes 4x4 transportation, meals, snacks, drinks, accommodations, and three featured Kalu Yala activities!

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Escape to the Jungle!  

Join your tribe of makers and doers in the weird little town of Kalu Yala.

Feel the adventure begin with off-road 4x4 transport from the nearest community of San Miguel.

Eat the jungle at an off-the-grid farm-to-table Public House which will provide you with three healthy meals and two snacks per day while accommodating all dietary restrictions.

Enjoy drinks and interesting conversations at the bar or cafe each day while meeting other adventurers, artists, and digital nomads.

Explore with three featured activities showcasing the jungle outdoor lifestyle of Kalu Yala.

Paradise Rock on the Rio Pacora

Paradise Rock on the Rio Pacora

Featured Activities

Walk through the beautiful food forest on a guided farm tour, which will expose you to the setting and sensations of sustainable tropical food systems. Swim, relax, climb, jump, and splash at the favorite rio spot known as Paradise Rock, only a short hike away. Focus on wellness while the sky changes colors overhead during a sunrise yoga class. Disconnect from your normal everyday life with this perfect escape into nature!

  • Farm Tour

  • Paradise Rock

  • Yoga

Additionally, many other activities are available on-site. You can do it all or relax in a hammock and hang out at the bar.


Daily Itinerary

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Day 1:

Arrival to Kalu Yala Basecamp by 9 AM

4x4 Transport to Kalu Yala Valley

Welcome Drink + Snack

Paradise Rock-11 AM


Happy Hour Drink + Snack-4 PM

Farm Tour-5 PM


Day 2:


Morning Snack + Drink


Happy Hour Drink + Snack-4 PM


Day 3:

Sunrise Yoga-6:30 AM

Breakfast + Morning Drink

Exit Kalu Yala 4x4 Transport-8:30 AM

Kalu Yala Basecamp-9 AM

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