There is something special about camping at Jaguar Falls. Maybe it's the sound of water cascading over ancient bedrock through the night. Perhaps its the star gazing that always seems to ensue late into the night. Could be the people and conversations that are had around a campfire up there. 

Whatever it is, we want more of it, and we keep going back. This is the ideal one night camping in the backcountry experience. The hike in is easy and beautiful, the camping location already established, the shower (waterfall) works year round. 

This trip is a great option to explore your new home in the jungle the first weekend of Kalu Yala. Many interns choose to go to the city on this weekend, but for those that would prefer a backcountry experience, come explore with us!

Jaguar Falls is set up for both hammock and tent camping, if you don't have gear, we can provide a tent for you. All meals will be provided and prepared by your guides. Just bring a swimsuit and be ready to have fun!

The hike is 3.5 miles each way over moderate terrain with lots of river crossings. Nothing difficult, but be ready to get wet. 

Price: $50 ($40 before May 15th) 

Only 10 spots available! Reserve Now!