Carnival in the Campo!

Panama has a rich cultural tradition of celebrating Carnival.  Most Panamanians head out to the Campo to enjoy the natural beauty of the countryside with their families and close friends for the weekend before Carnival.  Many also use this time to party.  The Tres Brazos Outfitters Carnival in the Campo Package does both!

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Backpacking 101 Workshop

Before we depart on this amazing adventure, Tres Brazos Outfitters will conduct a Backpacking 101 workshop for all attendees.  Hone your backpacking skills and knowledge before you set off into the Jungle!  

Alto de Pacora Overnight Loop Trail

We will start the Campo festivities on Saturday morning with the overnight loop trail experience of a lifetime!  The Alto de Pacora loop trail begins at Kalu Yala base camp and travels up and along our beautiful Tres Brazos Valley Ridgeline to our neighbor town of Alto de Pacora.  Along this trail, you will see countless beautiful examples of rich jungle flora and fauna, and both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean are visible on the hike!  We will set up camp for the night near the little town and hike back to Kalu Yala on Sunday.

Bruce Day Rio Cookout Party

On the way back from Alto de Pacora, stop for the Bruce Day Rio Cookout and Party!  All backpackers get a discounted entry to the party!  Play in the river with floats and music.  Eat a meal cooked on the riverside.  Have a couple drinks and let loose!  We will drive you back through the valley to Kalu Yala Base Camp in Bruce the Deuce!

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Pricing and Packages:

Bruce Day Only:

$60 per person

Alto de Pacora Loop Trail Overnight Only:

$115 per person ($99 for KY student-interns and staff)

Combo Package:  Loop Trail Overnight AND Bruce Day:

$169 per person ($139 for KY student-interns and staff)