The Camino Real is an old historic trail that the Spanish used to get their gold across the country of Panama, to their Caribbean port in Portobelo. This trail represented the shortest access between the Pacific and Atlantic pre-Panama canal. 

After the construction of the canal, much of the trail was flooded and forgotten about, until recently. A recent effort by the Ministry of the Environment has empowered the local communities to refurbish the trail as well as training them to guide the trail. Although you can no longer walk the entire trail, there is an amazing section left that goes from Boqueron, through both the Chagres and Portebelo national parks, and ends at the Carribean. So of course, Weekend Warriors has to try it.

This backpacking trip will take 3 days and 2 nights and travel through the heart of the Panamanian jungle. We will follow the old cobblestone road where it is present, and forge our ways up rivers where necessary. We will camp in locally built ranchos and the fields of local farms. This trip gives you a chance to really feel what it was like to be an early frontiersman working you way through a new world. 

This trip has a large emphasis on working with the native communities as they try and get their eco-tourism industry going. We work with local guides, camp with the locals, buy all of our meals from them. 

This trip works for both hammock camping and tent camping, We can provide a tent if you do not have one. All meals and snacks will be provided. This is jungle travel, make sure you have good boots and long pants.