So, you found us on AllTrails...

Welcome to Kalu Yala BaseCamp!  The hikes at Kalu Yala have been mapped and shared on AllTrails as a project of the Outdoor Recreation Program at the Kalu Yala Institute.  This page has been created to give proper advice and instructions about the Kalu Yala hikes that are public on AllTrails.  Please familiarize yourself with the hiking protocols and suggestions on this page before showing up to the Rio Pacora Valley for these hikes.

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Getting Here: 4x4 required

The route to Kalu Yala ends with a very steep 6 km gravel road and a river crossing.  DO NOT ATTEMPT to drive this road unless you have off-road driving experience and a strong 4x4 vehicle.  The road can be hiked, but vehicles get stuck often and block the road, so PLEASE do not drive it unless you are a worthy driver in a worthy vehicle!

In rainy season (July-December), the road can be even more difficult AND the river can flood preventing crossing.

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Hiking on Private Property

The Kalu Yala hikes on AllTrails traverse private property.  Please do not attempt these hikes without first stopping at Tres Brazos Outfitters Storefront in the Kalu Yala Town Square.  In addition to being on private property, some of the hikes have potential additional risks in certain weather conditions.  We will help set you up for hiking success!

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Tres Brazos Outfitters in Kalu Yala Town Square

Tres Brazos Outfitters at Kalu Yala offers guides for hikes and activities. A description of the hikes and prices can be found below.

Because we are located in a remote jungle setting, we like to make sure that hikers are properly prepared for their endeavors.  Stop by our storefront in town square to learn more about the hikes as well as refill water bottles and purchase hiking snacks!

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Yes, Kalu Yala is an off-the-grid jungle village!

Come for the hikes but experience sustainable living!  Our budding village is researching and implementing best practices in sustainability, aiming to become to world's most sustainable modern town.  High-speed wifi, running water, solar power, climate-friendly agriculture, a study abroad institute, hospitality, and adventure!  Kalu Yala is a hidden gem in the Tres Brazos Valley, and we would love to host you!

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Overnight Accommodations at Kalu Yala

Kalu Yala offers overnight stays at the Bodhi Hostel Basecamp.  Turn this day-trip hike into an overnight adventure!  To find out more, please click below or email