Want a taste of exploring the Tres Brazos Valley, while still taking it easy? Do you enjoy long, lazy afternoons by the river? Want to test your courage or acrobatic skills jumping off cliffs? 

If any of these options sound good to you, come join us on the rio tour swimming hike! Between our two local rivers, the Pacora and Iguana, we have endless swimming spots to choose from. Let us know what you are into and we tailor this trip to make sure you enjoy. 

We bring along a cooler with light refreshments/beer depending on your preference. 

Price: $5 per person, per hike

Includes: Guide, Cooler, Drink of choice

Destination Options:

Paradise Rock (Roca del Paraíso), Ramon’s Pool (Piscina de Ramon), Mermaid Pool (Piscina de Sirena), Parque de Agua, Boy’s Pool (Piscina de Fiesta)