Our Basecamp at Kalu Yala in the Tres Brazos Valley is the perfect start for an amazing day of hiking. From climbing along a high mountain ridge to following a jungle creek up to a waterfall, this valley has a little bit of everything. Come join us for a day full of hiking, swimming, views, and exploring!


Jaguar Falls Day Hike

Jaguar Falls is the classic Tres Brazos Valley hike! This hike showcases all of the natural environments this valley has to offer, and rewards you with our favorite waterfall at the end! 

7 Miles


Tributary Hike 

The Tributary is a small, hidden, jungle stream that provides all of the water for the town of Kalu Yala. This short yet exciting hike gives you the opportunity to learn about off-the-grid water systems while exploring a hidden jungle paradise. 

1 Mile


Honey Creeper

Honey Creeper is directly in the backyard of Kalu Yala and offers the best birds-eye-view of the town. A short, but sweet hike directly up the hill. The perfect spot for an afternoon picnic 

1 Mile


The Ridge

This hike follows a ridge-line through a local cattle field for one of the best views of the entire Pacora Valley. A short and steep hike, with the views the entire way up. The climb is steep, but the vistas are more than worth it.

2 Miles


Mother Tree Trib

This little-explored tributary is a true jungle experience. By climbing directly up the path of the stream we get the opportunity to experience the unaltered path a tributary carves on its way to the valley. Exploration awaits!

1-6 Miles


Rio Tour Swimming Hike

Choose from one (or a couple) of our favorite swimming holes to spend an afternoon relaxing by the river. Snack, light refreshments, and a cooler provided. 

.25-2 Miles


Custom Hike 

Tell us what you want to hike! There are many more options for hiking in the area and we can customize something to ensure you get the experience you want. 

We can also just take you exploring to find something new!

Reach out to us for more details.

Starting at $35/person